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South Plot Design Amendments - 
21st June 2021

Thank you for your comments with respect to the live Newlands Business Park applications (North Plot – 21/00570/OUT and South Plot - 21/01005/FUL).


We have reviewed these along with comments from Winchester City Council’s Urban Design Officer and have made design based amendments to the South Plot scheme. This is in order to promote a more active frontage along Darnel Road, improve the contemporary and smart appearance of the units and help amalgamate their built-form with those neighbouring residential buildings.


The amended South Plot drawings and material (with respect to design, drainage and landscaping) along with CGIs which reflect the proposed change in appearance of the units have been submitted to Winchester City Council and should shortly be uploaded onto its website for your review.

Our design team are still reviewing the comments received for the North Plot together with those from Winchester City Council’s Urban Design Officer. We will update further in due course.

Applications Submitted –
20th April 2021

Applications have now been submitted to Winchester City Council for the Outline Planning Permission (detailed access, building layouts and building scale not reserved) for the North Plot and Full Planning Permission for the South Plot.

Full details of the applications are available on Winchester City Council’s website and once validated, you can comment upon the applications. Please note there is a 3 week public consultation period after validation.

Responses to Newlands Business Park Public Consultation –
23rd December 2020

The Development Team is updating the design of the development proposals for the North and South Plots following receipt of feedback from local residents, the community and Newlands Parish Council as part of the Newlands Business Park public consultation exercise.

Thank you for your comments –
2nd December 2020

Thank you for all your comments and thank you to those who took part in the Online Public Forum on Thursday 19th November 2020. It is great to see the local residents and the community getting involved in Newlands Business Park.
The consultation period has now closed. We have collated your comments and are reviewing the design for the North and South Plot schemes based on your feedback as well as information gathered from technical investigations and surveys.

Online Public Forum –
Friday 13th November 2020

We will be hosting an online public forum on


Thursday 19th November from 6 – 7pm.


This will be via Zoom and you can join using the link below:


Meeting ID: 895 9919 9129

The format for the public forum is as follows:

  1. Commences at 6pm

  2. Introduction to the Development Team

  3. Presentation by the Development Team

  4. Q&A with the Development Team

The meeting will be held in webinar style, so the video, microphone and chat functions will be disabled. Please submit questions in advance of the public forum using the box below. There will also be an opportunity to submit questions during the webinar.


Thank you! Your form has been submitted.

Leaflets & Adverts –
6th November 2020

Firstly, thank you for your comments so far in relation to the indicative North Plot and South Plot proposals. The consultation is ongoing and will conclude on 23rd November.

Some households and businesses will have also received a Leaflet in relation to the public consultation. Advertisements in relation to the public consultation were posted within Wednesday 4th November’s editions of the Southern Daily Echo and The Portsmouth News.

The Newlands Business Park Leaflet and Advertisements are available by following the links below.

Details of the online public forum to be held at 6pm on Thursday 19th November will be provided shortly and posted on this website.