The Proposals

Our Approach

Our Development Team’s approach to the type of employment and design of the development has been informed by planning policy, planning history and site constraints as well as securing and maintaining an appropriate relationship with the surrounding area, particularly the residential properties to the east and open space to the west.


Our aim is to deliver flexible employment-based development which can respond to local market forces within high-quality and modern buildings with associated access, service yards and parking. As part of this, particular attention has and will be given to the criteria for employment development within the approved Wellington Park Design Code. This includes:


  • Limiting the maximum height of employment buildings to 3.5 storeys.

  • Providing a range of units at differing sizes.

  • Providing active building frontages with defined features to enhance views along Darnel Road.

  • A material pallette that reflects the local vernacular, using different material treatments to break-up the mass and define the form of buildings.

  • Providing intelligible links from residential properties to the east to Newlands Walk to the west.


North Plot

Two units (N1 & N2) for mixed commercial, business, light industrial and storage use (Class E, B2 & B8). Key features as shown on the indicative Site Plan include:


  • Unit N1 has a footprint of approximately 3,160 sqm. (34,000 sq.ft.).

  • Unit N2 has a footprint of approximately 750 sqm. (8,000 sq. ft.).

  • Unit heights are kept to a maximum 3.5 storeys (Building N1) in order to respect the prevailing building height at Wellington Vale Care Home and the residential buildings to the east.

  • Buildings provide an active frontage, with landscaping, to Darnel Road.

  • Units N1 and N2 have sufficient car and cycle parking.

  • Deliveries will occur to the rear of the buildings to avoid being overlooked by the residential properties.

  • East to west green links between Wellington Park and Newlands Walk are to be provided to break-up the built-form and promote views through the plot.

  • Ensuring that the primary access into the site provides for segregated vehicular and pedestrian/cycle access.

South Plot

Three buildings (S1, S2 & S3) divided into smaller units for mixed commercial, business, general industrial and storage use (Class E, B2 and B8). Key features as shown on the indicative Site Plan include:


  • The footprints for these smaller units range from approximately 645 to 720 sqm. (6,940 to 7,740 sq.ft.).

  • The 3 buildings are separated to promote views though the Plot.

  • Building's heights are kept to 2 storeys in order to respond to the prevailing building height on Wellington Park to the east.

  • The landscape bund to the east helps to screen these units from the closest residential properties.

  • The units are afforded sufficient on-site car and cycle parking.

More Drawings

The links to the right provide access to the current indicative building elevations and material treatments, Plot sections and additional information to provide a clearer illustration of the scale and appearance of the development proposals.

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