Next Steps

Live Planning Applications


Application submissions: April 2021


Determination: Summer 2021

Applications have now been submitted to Winchester City Council for the Outline Planning Permission (detailed access, building layouts and building scale not reserved) for the North Plot (ref. 21/00570/OUT) and Full Planning Permission for the South Plot (ref. 21/01005/FUL).

Since the North Plot application seeks Outline Planning Permission, it focusses upon the principle of employment development as well as the size, height and location of buildings and vehicular access, with technical details submitted later, prior to construction. Full details of the South Plot proposals are included in the application for Full Planning Permission.

The public consultation period for the live North and South Plot applications will run for 3 weeks and each application is due to be determined within 13 weeks. Comments can be submitted online to Winchester City Council or via this website.

Full details of the North and South Plot applications are online at Winchester City Council’s website and can be found by searching the application references 21/00570/OUT & 21/01005/FUL.

We will update the Newlands Business Park website as the applications progress, including details of any amendments to the proposed North and South Plot schemes and updates to the applications’ programmes.

Post Planning

End 2021 / Early 2022

Following any grant of planning permission, Dicentra Developments will have to complete the purchase of the site from Taylor Wimpey, the landowner.


The local planning authority will require further details on the designs, construction process and operations or phasing of the development of Newlands Business Park before construction work can proceed. This will be dealt via planning conditions and/or a Reserved Matters application. Residents and the local community will have an opportunity to make representations on these matters.


Construction and Delivery

Spring/Summer 2022 onwards


Once the land purchase has been completed and planning conditions have been discharged construction of Newlands Business Park can commence. This is likely to be phased to meet market demand and may take between 18 to 24 months, subject to restrictions from Covid-19.


We understand there will be some noise, dust and traffic impacts associated with the construction but please understand these are short-term impacts which Dicentra Developments will mitigate via a Construction Management Plan. Newlands Parish Council, residents and the local community will have an opportunity to comment on the Construction Management Plan and provide ideas and suggestions on how the public can influence the construction process. This could include offering contracts, trade jobs, apprenticeship schemes, training/education and work experience to local businesses and people. There could also be opportunities for art to be displayed on hoardings for the development sites.

Newlands Business Park Construction Charter

Dicentra Developments is committed to engaging with the local community through the construction process and responding positively to local ideas. The company has drafted a Charter outlining key objectives during construction which will help it meet community aspirations and priorities.


The Newlands Business Park Construction Charter is available by following the link below, we welcome your comments and feedback on it.