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​(Monday 20th December 2021):
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Thursday 7th October 2021):
North & South Plots - Approved

​(Tuesday 28th September 2021):
North & South Plot Planning Committee

​(Wednesday 4th August 2021):
North & South Plot Reconsultation

​(Monday 2nd August 2021): 
North Plot Design Amendments

​(Monday 21st June 2021): 
South Plot Design Amendments

(Tuesday 20th April 2021):
North and South Plot Planning Applications have been Submitted
(Wednesday 23rd December 2020):
Responses to Newlands Business Park Public Consultation
(Tuesday 2nd December 2020):
Thank you for your comments!

(Friday 13th November 2020): 
Online Public Forum - Thursday 19th November 2020

(Friday 6th November 2020): 
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Aims and Objectives

Our aim for Newlands Business Park is to deliver a flexible range of sustainable workspaces that can cater for community needs of the local area including accommodation for small and medium businesses wanting to locate in Waterlooville.


This website has been prepared to inform you about the future vision and proposed employment development of 2 plots of land (North and South Plots) at Darnel Road, Wellington Park, Waterlooville. This development comprises Newlands Business Park. This website was updated following the Newlands Business Park public consultation in November 2020.

Following the public consultation exercise, comments of the local community and stakeholders have been taken onboard and used to progress the proposed North Plot and South Plot schemes. Applications have now been submitted to Winchester City Council and are live. The North Plot application (ref. 21/00570/OUT) seeks Outline Planning Permission (detailed access, building layouts and building scale not reserved) and the South Plot application (ref. 21/01005/FUL) seeks Full Planning Permission. Specifically, the proposals seek the following:

North Plot (Outline Planning Application) (ref. 21/00570/OUT)

“Erection of 2no. buildings (Building N1 comprising up to 3no. units and 3,513 sqm of GIA (including mezzanines) and Building N2 comprising up to 2no. units and 808 sqm of GIA (including mezzanines)) for flexible Class E(g), B2 and / or B8 uses plus associated vehicular, pedestrian and cycle access, parking, servicing and landscaping (detailed access, building layouts and building scale not reserved).”

South Plot (Full Planning Application) (ref. 21/01005/FUL)

“Erection of 3no. buildings (comprising: building S1 comprising up to 2no. units and 710 sqm GIA; building S2 comprising up to 6no. units and 930 sqm GIA; and building S3 comprising up to 4no. units and 884 sqm GIA (including mezzanines)) for flexible Class E(d)(e)(g), B2 and / or B8 uses plus associated access, parking, servicing and landscaping.”

The applications are accompanied by a suite of supporting evidence including in relation to noise, air quality, landscaping, ecology, transport and design.

Full details of the applications are available on Winchester City Council’s website and you can search and comment upon the applications online using the application references noted above. Please note there is a 3 week public consultation period once the applications are valid.

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