Here is a summary of questions raised and answers provided during a meeting with Newlands Parish Council on 24th September 2020. This may help to clarify any queries you have on our development proposals.

Is this development related to Proxima Park?
The Newlands Business Park development does not form part of the Proxima Park development, albeit it does compliment it, because the proposals seek to deliver smaller, more flexible units to cater to small and medium businesses.
What about the land between Wellington Vale Care Home and the North Plot? Will it be development for employment uses?
This land is owned by Taylor Wimpey, so any queries regarding it should be addressed to them.
What about noise and traffic during construction?
Construction activities and their resulting impact (including effect on the amenity of residents) are factored into the planning process. The development team will prepare a ‘Construction Management Plan’ in consultation with residents, Newlands Parish Council, as well as Winchester City Council, in order to reduce the impact construction will have upon the lives of residents. This Plan will be circulated to residents and the Parish Council prior to submission to Winchester City Council.
What about access? The “S” bend on Darnel Road near the Wellington Vale Care Home is an accident waiting to happen, especially for articulated HGVs.

Dicentra is aware of the highway safety issues facing the Newlands Business Park development and has obtained pre-application feedback from Hampshire County Council (HCC) (as the Local Highway Authority). Darnel Road was designed to accommodate HGVs. Newlands Parish Council has informed us about proposed future restrictions on kerbside parking, to be introduced by HCC, to maintain safety. Based on this feedback, HGVs can service Newlands Business Park via Hambledon Road, Darnel Road and Houghton Avenue.

The North Plot units need to be served by articulated HGVs due to the scale and potential use of buildings N1 and N2 for substantial warehouse storage. Dicentra are prepared to accept planning conditions on any grant of planning permission for the South Plot units which would restrict the use of articulated HGVs to service this Plot. Reasonable conditions on restriction of delivery hours can also be imposed.

Did you know that the footpath alongside Darnel Road (North Plot) does not include a cycle track?

We were made aware of this during the pre-application consultation with Hampshire County Council, and it is a matter being addressed.

What about the height of the proposed buildings? The residents along Darnel Road are currently looking out onto open countryside.

It is important to note that private views cannot be considered in determining planning applications because views cannot be privately owned.

Furthermore, the Local Plan and the approved Wellington Park Design Code allocates this land for employment development and so it has always been the case that views of residential properties looking westward would be impeded to some degree.

Nevertheless, we have sought to break-up the built-form of Newlands Business Park to promote east to west views through the North and South Plots.

The height of the proposed buildings will conform with the Design Code. This specifies a maximum height of 3.5 storeys for buildings within the land allocated for employment development.

What about an alternative route via Houghton Avenue and Tamworth Road?

Our transportation and highways consultants are currently looking into this option with Hampshire County Council. Consideration must be given to the traffic impact from Proxima Park and future development of the Waterlooville MDA on these roads.

What about the existing footpath on Darnel Road adjacent to the South Plot? This is used regularly by walkers and families with strollers to access Newlands Walk. How will the proposed new access points affect pedestrians?

This matter was discussed with Hampshire County Council during the pre-application consultation. One option is to use industrial crossovers with dropped kerbs to preserve and maintain pedestrian access.

What about any overshadowing of residential premises immediately to the east of the South Plot?

This matter will be given careful consideration during the detailed design stage for the South Plot. The indicative scheme limits the height of the units at the South Plot to 2 storeys. It should be noted that the landscape bund which separates the South Plot from the residential properties includes plant species which could grow between 5 - 10 metres when mature.

What about sustainability and reduction of carbon emissions?

The development team includes a specialist energy and sustainability consultant, SRE, who previously advised on the Wellington Vale Care Home and has been advising on the development of Newlands Business Park at an early stage to achieve a BREAAM “Excellent” rating for all of the buildings.

Can you include a pond as water feature to promote biodiversity?

The on-site constraints, available space and ambitions of the Wellington Park Design Code need to be balanced and as such, it is too early to state whether a pond can be incorporated into the development.

Nevertheless, as part of the planning process, the proposals are required to incorporate sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) (such as a pond(s) or soakaways) that will effectively drain the entirety of Newlands Business Park without the use of the existing drains and sewers.

This matter will be given careful consideration during the detailed design stage. 

Will the employment units be available to local residents and businesses for leisure and community uses?

The Government’s new Use Class E (commercial, business and service uses) which was introduced on 1st September 2020 will apply to Newlands Business Park. Class E includes shops, trade counters, gyms, indoor recreation, day centres and restaurants. It will be possible to flexibly change between these uses without the need for planning permission.

Newlands Parish Council has expressed interest in integrating the smaller units for local community use via a “Community Development Plan”. We are open to exploring this opportunity with the Parish Council and residents over the course of the development.

Can you incorporate public car parking for use by visitors to Newlands Walk? Public car parking is currently limited within Wellington Park.

Space is very limited on the site. The site constraints, relevant parking standards and ambitions of the approved Wellington Park Design Code restrict how we can plan-well for this space. Our aim is to make the development self-sufficient with on-site parking facilities so there is no overspill on to the local roads.

What about lighting, will Newlands Business Park be very bright?

Newlands Business Park will incorporate external lighting, where necessary, to ensure its safe use and operation during dark evening and night time periods. Lighting proposals will form part of the detailed technical design process following any grant of planning permission, through the attachment of a planning condition.